Supporting Your Bottom Line

We know how important reliable websites and email are for business. We work all over the world and we rely on them too. We also know that business people are really good at what they do, and sometimes I.T. just isn't that interesting. That's why if you use our business hosting, we'll move your website for you, get your email set up and ready to go, and have people who actually understand business and hosting at the end of the phone.

Our business hosting customers include shops, restaurants, sole traders, service companies, manufacturers, corporates and multi-national organisations.


This is the physical space that you have to store your website files, images and emails.

15GB Web Space

You can create as many email addresses as you like @yourdomain.tld, with separate mailboxes for different people, mail forwarding or email aliases (multiple addresses for the same person).

Unlimited Email Addresses

Most dynamic content, including WordPress data, is stored in databases. You'll probably only need one, but you can create as many as you like.

Unlimited MySQL Databases

Sub domains are separate websites using your domain name e.g. or They are useful for testing, serving static content, or for creating completely new websites. You can create as many as you like.

Unlimited Sub-Domains

Bandwidth is the measure of how much data is loaded by your visitors from your websites. We don't restrict this, we just take care of it for you.

Unmeterd Bandwidth

Service & Support

We've been going for 15 years and our servers have been online for 99.9885% of that time. We don't do downtime!

99.99% Uptime

We're constantly adding articles and guides to our knowledgebase, to help with settings, best practise and other common questions.


We provide support and guidance with technical stuff using a single UK point of contact and our 24/7 support team.

Premium UK Support

You'll have a specific point of contact for your support and account questions, including their mobile number.

UK Relationship Manager

Backup & Security

We prevent email spam and viruses using advanced multi-layer detection tools that filter 99.87% (to date) of spam emails before they reach your inbox. We block Trojans and bots and protect against compromised mailboxes.

Advanced Spam & Virus Protection

Our hosting accounts are safely secured in CHROOT Jailed directories. That means that no-one other than you can access your files, even if they are on the same server.

CHROOT Jailed Secure System

We automatically backup everything every day.

Daily Backup

We use the latest security technology to keep your data safe.

Enterprise Class Security

We include a Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate to encrypt your website (using https instead of http). This keeps your website safe and helps with Google and SEO rankings.

Free SSL Certificate

Our systems continually monitor every server and account for suspicious activity and automatically block unauthorised access attempts.

Intrusion Detection

All of our data is backed-up on multiple sites. So if our advanced fire suppression, backup generators, multiple connections and physical security systems were to somehow fail, your websites will stay online!

Multi-Site Failover Protection

Our datacentres use premium switching and firewalling technology to prevent unauthorised access to our servers.

Rugged Hardware Firewalls

Your email is secured using premium SSL certificates so all of your communications are encrypted.

Secure Email Technology


You can control browser caching (which is pre-configured for you) to make sure that your important content, images and files are delivered as fast as possible to your users.

Browser Caching

We use Cloudflare (one of the biggest Content Delivery companies in the world) to make your website load quickly everywhere in the world (from over 115 servers in over 60 countries).

Global Content Delivery

We use Solid State Hard disks to make our extra fast and reliable. Loading files from hard drives is always the slowest part of any machine, by using SSDs we reduce that time significantly.

SSD Storage

Tools & Software

We include a catalogue of one-click install applications including Joomla, Drupal, Webmail, Productivity, File Sharing and more.

Application Catalogue

It's easy to copy any database (including WordPress), for backups or for testing. It only takes about a minute.

Database Cloning

We'll help you to integrate your website with Google Analytics so you can track visitor stats and understand your audience.

Google Analytics Integration

If you want to restrict access to part of your website or a folder, it's easy to add passwords to any directory using our user friendly control panel.

Password Protected Directories

Plesk is one of the most advanced Control Panels available. It's easy to use and has hundreds of features that could come in handy.

Plesk Control Panel

You can clone your website to another domain or subdomain to make changes and test without affecting your live website.

Website Cloning


The combination of Apache and NGINX Caching technology means that your website files are served in the fastest available way. These technologies power more websites than any other in the world (including Microsoft).

Fast Apache with NGINX

Our systems are all based on the Linux Platform. It's used by most of the websites in the world and helps us to keep everything fast and secure.

Linux Servers

Our systems support PHP 5.3.3, 5.6.30, 7.0.19 and 7.1.5, served by Apache FastCGI or NGINX FPM. You can select which one you prefer in the control panel.

Multiple PHP Versions CGI/FPM

These technologies are all supported and optional. Our more techy users can turn them on and off as required. We'll look after it for everyone else.



To buy our business hosting package, click the button below to visit our online shop. Remember, we'll walk you through anything that you're not sure about.

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£4.75 ex. VAT / month


Here are a few optional extras that might come in handy to super-charge your business hosting package. Mouse over the icons to see more information.

Increases your Web Space (for website files, images and email) by 10GB. Extra space can be purchased when you buy hosting, or afterwards through your account.

Extra 10GB Web Space

£2.00 + VAT / month